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Part Number: 95455 UPC: 718127954556 Weight: 2.5



Available for the MRTA611LDC Quadra-Tilt Rotator 1100 from Wood's Powr-Grip®, the Adjustable Lift Bar Extension provides maximum flexibility to adjust the hang angle of the vacuum lifter, whether loaded or unloaded. A different hang angle may be desirable, depending on the angle that the operator needs, in order to attach the vacuum lifter to a load, release the load or manipulate the load during a lift. With two different length adjustments and five different lift points, this telescoping extension enables the operator to tailor the hang angle precisely for the intended use. This ability to adjust the vacuum lifter for each job is sure to improve efficiency, safety and worker satisfaction. The Adjustable Lift Bar Extension may be purchased as a standard option for your new MRTA611LDC Vacuum Lifter or retrofitted to existing equipment.

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