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Part Number: 93756 UPC: 718127937566 Weight: 2.5



Available for most of Powr-Grip's® below-the-hook vacuum lifters, this option consists of an auxiliary vacuum generating system with an independent power source, which is designed to maintain vacuum in the event of a power failure. The DC Vacuum Back-Up System is ideal for use wherever AC or compressed air power is not reliable or whenever the added security of an secondary power system is desired.

•Features and Advantages:

•universal compatibility - can be installed on most powered vacuum lifters, including retrofit applications

•automatic vacuum monitoring - senses when potentially hazardous condition exists and automatically responds to prevent hazard

•battery powered - power source is completely independent from the vacuum lifter's main power system

•battery gauge and test button - allows operator to verify battery strength before and during use

•integrated battery charger - option comes complete with approved AC to DC charging system

•durable enclosure - protects vacuum pump and other system components from environmental exposure


•Power Source: 12 volts DC, 10 amps

•Battery Capacity: 7 amp-hours

•Vacuum Pump: Diaphragm type, 1 SCFM [28 liters/minute] nominal airflow

•Weight: 20 lbs [9 kg]

•How It Works:

•The DC Vacuum Back-Up System requires minimal interaction from the operator: Once activated, it continuously monitors the vacuum level in the lifter's primary vacuum system. If the primary system ever fails to maintain the minimum level required for lifting, the Back-Up System's vacuum pump turns on automatically to maintain adequate vacuum.

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