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The ULTIMATE vacuum stick for lapping valves on 4-cycle engines!


•The Wood's Powr-Grip Valve Grinder provides an effective way to hold valves during lapping operations.

•The spring-loaded vacuum pump, built into the handle, provides a vacuum reserve for long-lasting hold and serves as a leakage indicator, to lessen unexpected release. A single stroke of the plunger attaches the vacuum pad firmly to the valve. When the pad has sealed properly, the plunger returns only part of the way. Further movement indicates leakage and the need to clean the pad face and valve head for a better seal.

•The Valve Grinder's design and construction assure long service: The one-piece handle is made of a material resistant to grease and the corrosives normally associated with gasoline engine repair, while the vacuum pads are molded from tough, durable rubber. Three sizes of pads are available to cover most small engine and automotive valves. The set comes in a see-through, easy-to-hang package that makes it easy to find when you need it.


•Lapping is the most effective means of touching up slightly burned valves and seats, to restore like-new performance at minimum expense.

•Even after grinding, a light lapping may be desirable. Modern valve refacing and reseating methods bring sealing surfaces into nearly full contact. However, slight irregularities, caused by vibration of equipment over a long period, make a lapping step the best way to be certain of a perfect job.


•The perfect tool for lapping must hold the valve firmly, flex without popping off, spin easily between the mechanic's hands and lift without losing its grip. The Powr-Grip Valve Grinder does all these.

•The vacuum pump attaches the pad with a much higher vacuum than is possible with small push-on cups, and it provides a vacuum reservoir that reduces unexpected pop-off. Along with pad flexibility, the size and shape of the handle provide optimum ease and efficiency in spinning and lifting the valve.

•Spinning provides the grinding action, and periodic lifting is necessary to allow the abrasive compound to reposition itself uniformly on the valve and seat. After a final cleaning of compound from the valve, we recommend a few turns with oil to lift the remaining compound from the pores of the metal and to allow more accurate clearance adjustments. A well-seated valve, guided centrally and given proper clearance, is almost certain to give long service.


•pouch, interchangeable vacuum pads, grease resistant polypropylene handle and spring-loaded pump

•Model V1275: Valve Grinder with 2 vacuum pads (VG0750 and VG1250)

•Model V12753: Valve Grinder with 3 vacuum pads (VG0750, VG1000 and VG1250)

•Interchangeable pads make the Valve Grinder suitable for use with most standard valves. Available in diameters of 3/4" [19 mm] (VG0750), 1" [25 mm] (VG1000) or 1-1/4" [32 mm] (VG1250).

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