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Part Number: 03-00047 UPC: 80305880305825 Weight: 0.44


Voltec 03-00047 Specifications:

•Cord Length: 8'

•Gauge: 16/3

•Wire Type: SJTW

•Wire Color: Black


•Outlets: 1

•Plug Type: 5-15p

•Receptical Type: 5-15R

•Power Ratings Amps: 13

•Power Ratings Watts: 1625

Voltec 03-00047 Includes:

•(1) 8' Extention Cord

Voltec Extention Cord Features:

•Heavy Duty Workbench Cords: Voltec stocks a rugged line of shorter extension cords that are compatible with 10­15 Amp rated tools and equipment. Produced with SJTW outer jacketing material, our workbench cords have the same water, weather, and abrasion resistant properties as standard outdoor cords. Workbench cords are available in a variety of colors, lengths, and outlet configurations to suit your needs.

•Lighted End Cords: A popular option, illuminated ends offer the user an additional safety benefit by indicating that the receptacle is live, and the power is on. This feature can be visually detected in poor lighting conditions or in the brightest sunlight. Illuminated cords are the choice of tradesmen everywhere!

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