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• Hermetically sealed, robust housing

• Air and water-tight

• State of the art electronics

• High measurement accuracy

• Quick response time

The Argo-Naught Weld Gas Analyzer accurately monitor oxygen levels while using inert gas to purge stainless steel, titanium and other reactive metal. The Argo-Naught Weld Gas Analyzer measures oxygen content in the weld chamber down to 0.1% (1000 ppm), helps save on argon gas consumption and increases the welder’s production rate. The small size and battery operation of the Argo-Naught Weld Gas Analyzers make them easily portable and ideal for monitoring oxygen levels for welding on-site. They are each supplied with a stainless steel probe, a 6-1/2 foot rubber tube, a rubber vacuum bulb, operating instructions, calibration and test certificates.

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