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Part Number: STX-250C UPC:Weight: 25



Net weight: 9 lbs.

Size: 15” L x 9-5/16” W

Cutting capacity: 2 1/2”

Power: 18V NiCd battery

*Includes: (1)Bandsaw,  

                (2)18V Batteries

Features and benefits:

* World’s only one-hand cordless band saw

* Compact, lightweight design reduces muscle strain (CTS)

* Complete projects faster, safer, easier

* Powerful, versatile -- cuts virtually anything

* Portability means taking the saw to the materials, not the other way around

* Quiet, comfortable to use

* No vise required

X-TREME Durability

* High impact resistant body

* Quick change blade release

* Heavy-duty protective case

* Non-slip grip

* Super cobalt bi-metal blade

* 21,000 rpm motor

* Easy slide-in 18V battery

* UL Charger

* Sealed bearingsSteel planetary gear reduction

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