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Part Number: REN21MC UPC: 662560210024 Weight: 1.89


Stiletto REN21MC Specifications:

•  Hammer Style: Framing

•  Head Weight: 21 Ounces

•  Head Material: steel

•  Striking Face: Milled

•  Removable Face: No

•  Claw Type: Rip/Straight

•  Overall Length: 18 Inches

•  Handle Style: axe

•  Handle Material: Hickory/Wood

•  Gripped: No

•  Grip Type: N/A

•  Side Claw: No

•  Overstrike: No

•  Nail Starter: Yes


•  (1) 21 oz. Steel Renegade Framing Hammer

Stiletto REN21MC Features:

•  21 oz solid Steel head

•  Magnetic Nail Starter keeps your fingers clear while nailing

•  Straight claw design or Rip Claw can easily pry up boards and tear up walls and flooring

•  Highly polished Stiletto steel head

•  Milled Driving Face increases control and accuracy when driving nails

•  18" axe Hickory handle allows for optimal leverage

This framing hammer features a steel head for heavier carpentry and framing jobs. The magnetized groove that holds the head of the nail while you set it protects your thumb and fingers. The steel head gives you an economical, powerful hammer with Stiletto quality

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