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Siat 78105 Specifications:

•  Size: 4-1/2"x5/8-11

•  Ovation Type 27

•  Grit : 36

•  High Density design for softer, cushioned grinding, blending and finishing

•  More abrasive material than standard low density flap discs for very long life

•  Premium zirconium material for aggressive cutting and long life

•  More grinding material = increased productivity


•  Weld grinding and blending

•  Edge breaking

•  Deburring

•  Finishing and blending

•  Contour finishing

Material Usage

•  Metal: Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals

•  Stainless: Stainless steel, high tensile steel, titanium, aluminum

Siat 78105 Features:


•  Flap Disc Configuration: A high density design that contains larger and more flaps to provide long-life

•  Abrasive Flaps: Made with premium zirconium abrasive material providing a fast cut with long-life

•  Conformability: Provides increased conformability vs. conventional competitor's flap discs.

•  Control: Provides excellent operator control resulting in a consistent finish with controlled stock removal rates

•  Fiberglass Backing: Special engineered fiberglass backing designed for strength and safety

•  Adhesive System: Specially formulated adhesive system designed for safety and to effectively secure the abrasive flaps to the backing

Flat Shape, fiberglass backing. Under pressure the flaps can compress and contour to the workpiece. High pressure is ideal for removing deeper scratches from the work surface. Light pressure allows for the flap design to produce the perfect finish.

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