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Part Number: REW-7 UPC: 10078371011458 Weight: 1.9



• A frictionless braking system with no moving parts that won’t go out of adjustment

• Individual components removed and replaced in minutes due to modular design

• Components that need only visual inspection not mechanical testing

• Constantly moving 100% reliable locking Full Contact Pawl mechanism that cannot freeze, hang up or corrode

• No wet lubrication to attract dirt and debris

• Stainless steel components unaffected by water, contaminants, temperature & time

• Case is manufactured from unique toughened nylon to resist impact damage and protect internal chassis

• Modular chassis design and case are not integrated allowing the case to serve strictly as the protective armor


• Size: 5.2” x 4.0” x 7.0”

• Length: 7'

• Lifeline: 3/4" Web

• Connector: Double Locking Snap hook

ReLoad the Retractable Lifeline with Patented Constant Force Technology. SafeWaze has combined innovative engineering, superior materials, futuristic design and quick-turn maintenance to provide the most advanced retractable on the market.

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