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Part Number: 10952(L-XL) UPC: 10078371635746 Weight: 7



• PERSONAL FALL-ARREST SYSTEM: A system used to arrest a worker in a fall from a working level. It consists of an anchorage point, connectors and body harness.

• POSITIONING DEVICE: A system used to position a worker at an appropriate work level. It consists of an anchorage, body belt or body harness and connecting device.

• Universal Size


• Versatile Design


• Material: 6K Min Polyester

• Back D-Ring: Yes

• Waist D-Rings: Yes

• Front D-Ring: No

• Chest Connection: Mating

• Leg Connection: Grommet

• Waist Pad/Tool Belt: Yes

• Weight Capactiy: 310 lbs

SafeLight Fall Protection Series provides the same high quality as all of the SafeWaze products, but is lightweight for added comfort. This enables the SafeLight series to be an excellent value for any fall protection application.

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