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• PERSONAL FALL-ARREST SYSTEM: A system used to arrest a worker in a fall from a working level. It consists of an anchorage point, connectors and body harness.

• POSITIONING DEVICE: A system used to position a worker at an appropriate work level. It consists of an anchorage, body belt or body harness and connecting device.

• The "Original" Tangle-Free Harness

• Tangle Free D-Ring Assembly


• Material: 6K Min Polyester

• Back D-Ring: Yes

• Waist D-Rings: Yes

• Front D-Ring: No

• Chest Connection: Mating

• Leg Connection: Grommet

• Waist Pad/Tool Belt: No

The Feather is the original SafeWaze harness. Today, it remains a popular choice and features a tangle-free D-Ring assembly that lays fl at on the back for added comfort and mobility.

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