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Part Number: RF10 UPC: 757033021211 Weight: 1.2



• Double-ended RF10 Operator's Wrench has forged alloy steel pipe wrench jaws on one end and a V0 size valve wheel wrench hook on the opposite end

• Cast alloy steel RF10 is designed for gripping pipe, test plugs, packing glands, and flange nuts

• Hook end assists in opening and closing valves while length of operator's wrench provides for needed leverage

• The hook end fits hand valve wheels (up to 5/8” rims) without gouging the wheel

• OSHA inspectors can assess penalties for using a pipe wrench on a valve wheel rim as wrench teeth can leave sharp burrs on the wheel rim, which result in hand injuries

• Use of the RF10 operator's wrench prevents these problems

• Handle is painted with chemical-resistant powder coating

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