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Part Number: L1817 UPC: 757033022522 Weight: 2.3



• Dual Socket Ratchet Wrenches fit the most popular water works fasteners for mechanical joints, flange bolts, repair clamps, service saddles and sleeves

• Each wrench also offers a handy switch on the head for safe action reversal

• Ratchet wrenches are faster to use than pipe wrenches or adjustable wrenches

• Thru-bolt sockets work by letting the bolt pass completely through the socket and arm head so nuts can be worked on any threaded length

• Thru-bolt sockets replace the need for separate regular and deep sockets

• LDSSET features three popular dual socket ratched wrenches in a convenient storage case

• LHM2275 has red sockets to identify this tool as suitable for Hymax™ reducer couplings

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