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Part Number: 55051 UPC: 075352665139 Weight: 16.1



• (1) Pole Tool

• (1) Trak-It C3-ST Tool


• No licensing required

• Each fuel cell contains enough gas to install up to 1000 fasteners

• Available for use with most Stick-E accessories


• Tool Body: Precision Moulded Aluminum and Plastic

• Tool Length: 17"

• Pin Length: 1-1/2" total length

• Pin Capacity: 22 pins

• Power Capacity: 90 joules

• Approx Shots per Fuel Cell: 1000 pins

• Approx Shots per Battery Charge: 5500

Trak-It® Fasteners and Blue Nailer-Gas Fuel Cells are designed to be used with the Powers Trak-It® Tool and can also be installed with the ITW Ramset® TrakFast® tool. Ten fasteners are collated on each patented, plastic top hat-style strip. Use for light duty static applications such as drywall track to concrete, block or steel, lath to concrete or block, furring strips to concrete or block, and plywood to concrete or block base materials. The fuel cell, with its unique right angle metering valve, contains enough gas to install up to 1200 fasteners. Each package contains 1000 fasteners and 1 fuel cell.

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