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Part Number: 501230 UPC: 759501109810 Weight: 7


PasLode 501230 Specifications:

Model: S200-S16

Cycle Rate: 12 staples/second

Staple Capacity: 150

Op. Pres. p.s.i. (bar): 80-120 (5.5-8.3)

Paslode 501230 Features:

•  The Paslode S200-S16 1/2 inch crown air powered stapler

•  drives 16 gauge staples from 3/4" to 2" in length

•  Improved Paslode stapler features increased comfort, speed, and power

•  New piston valve and bumper design allows for longer tool life

The S200-S16 1/2 inch stapler is excellent for floor decking, roof sheathing, soft wall sheathing, vinyl siding, and insulation.

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