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Part Number: 501270 UPC:Weight: 4.9


Paslode 501270 is used for:

Roofing Shingles

Wire Lathing

Insulation Sheathing

Polystyrene Sheathing



Paslode 501270 Specifications:

Model: S150-W16R

Part Number: 501270

Height: 9.5"

Cycle Rate: 12 fasteners/sec.

Staple Capacity: 150

Air Req./100 p.s.i. (6.9 bar): .040/cycle

Op. Pres. p.s.i. (bar): 80-120

Paslode 501270 Features:

•  Extend Bumper Life– tested to over 600,000 cycles without failure. More than three times the life of ordinary bumpers.

•  Distinct Bumper Geometry– for consistent low pressure return during rapid fire. Drive up to 12 fasteners per second.

•  Improved Upper Piston Valve– virutally eliminates valve seizure even under adverse environmental conditions such as dust, high heat and humidity.

•  Tool-less Quick Clear– removes jams quickly and easily

•  Top Load Magazine–- Loads easily, reduced fastener waste

•  Adjustable Shingle Guide– Keeps roofing shingles straight and properly aligned

•  Adjustable shingle guide provides versatility

•  Reinforced Carbide Tip Nose resists abrasion

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