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Part Number: F250S-PP UPC:Weight: 9


Model: 5250S-PP

Height: 13 5/8 inches

Nail Capacity: 44-48 (2 strips)

Cycle Rate: 10 nails/secound

Fastener Type: Full head HDG&Brite

Air Req./100 psi: .082/cycle

Op. Pres. psi: 80-120

Shank Dia: .131, .148, .162

Length: 1-1/2" & 2-1/2"

Paslode 500855 FEATURES:

•  Fast-Up to three times faster than hand nailing

•  Cost-Effective-Increased productivity. Pays for itself in labor savings; lowers installed costs

•  Durable and Reliable-High production, low maintenance and fewer moving parts than other nailing systems

•  Safer Sequential Operation-Fasteners are heat-treated to reduce nail bending and ricocheting; nails do not protrude from nose

•  Accurate-Nose probe accurately locates metal hardware hole and guides the fastener as it is driven

•  Head-Marked Nails-Provides for easy fastener identification

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