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Part Number: EY4542LR2M UPC: 037988715961 Weight: 20.37



• 14.4V Li-ion Metal Cutter

• IP56 - Water and Dust Resistance

• Rotating Speed: 3,600 rpm

• Blade Size: 5 3/8" Arbor Size 13/16"

• Cutting Depth: Max 1 13/16"

• GuardION Battery Protection System

• Cutting edge is easily seen through a transparent window.

• GuardION Battery Protection System

• 3 Way Dust Control

• Electric Brake

Panasonic’s EY4542LR2M multipurpose cutter is a member of the Panasonic ToughIP Tool series and has passed the IP standard test administered by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) receiving an IP56 rating, dust and water resistant. Panasonic's dust and water resistant technology has been demonstrated to comply with the IP standard by tests designed to gauge the level of protection against the intrusion of dust and water. The cutter delivers a cool, quick, clean cut and is compact and lightweight. The cutter rotates at a speed of 3,600rpm and uses a 5 – 3/8” C-6 tungsten steel carbide-tipped blade with 30 teeth and a 1/16” thin kerf. The blade uses a chipping action rather than an abrasive action which results in a much quicker cut. With the exceptionally thin blade kerf it cuts clean with no need for de-burring after cutting. Ideal for cutting pipe, strut, threaded rod, metal stud, wood and plastic. The cutter is powered by high capacity 3.3ah cobalt Li-ion battery packs. The battery packs deliver high output with low heat generation resulting in twice the lifetime total performance versus previous Ni-cd battery packs. In addition the tool utilizes Panasonic’s unique GuardION system. The GuardION system monitors each battery cell during battery charging and during tool use to prevent over discharging and overheating of the battery pack thus insuring long life.

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