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Part Number: PLS-60521 UPC: 673740605219 Weight: 7


Pacific Laser Systems PLS180-TOOL Specifications:

• Range 100 ft.

• Accuracy 1/8" at 30ft.

• Power 3 AA Batteries

• 180 Degree Fan Angle

• Operating Time 30+ Hours

• Self Leveling Range 6 degrees

Pacific Laser Systems PLS180-TOOL Includes:

• Magnetic wall bracket

• Pouch

• Operating manual

• Carrying case

Pacific Laser Systems PLS180-TOOL Features:

• Laser line tool, self-leveling for plumb, level and square.

• Now more than ever, the PLS 180 Palm Laser saves you time and money when your bubble vial level or rotary laser is too limited or too cumbersome to do the job.

• Unique optic technology

• Self Leveling

• Internal shock frame impact protection

• Longest lines, vertical-horizontal

• Pulsed beams for exterior applications (receiver required for exterior work - receiver sold separately. We recommend you buy the "PLS180 System" if you want the receiver)

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