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Part Number: B9588 UPC: 759244219401 Weight: 5.6


Occidental Leather B9588 Specifications:

•  Belt Information

•  Pockets & Tool Holders: 22

•  Belt Materials: high density neoprene,commercial nylon, and leather

•  Belt Sizes: Adjustable, 32"-40"

•  Total Weight: 5.6 lbs.

Fastener Bag Dimensions

•  Main Bag: 10"w x 9"d

•  Outer Bag: 6.5" x 6"

•  Upper Bag: 4.5" x 4"

Tool Bag Dimensions

•  Main Tool Bag: 10"w x 9"d

•  Outer Bags: 5" x 5.5"

Occidental Leather B9588 Includes:

•  Green Builder Tool Belt and Bag Set (Adjustable)

Occidental Leather B9588 Features:

•  The most comfortable set we offer with Premium Top-Grain Leather Bags

•  Premium Top-Grain Leather

•  Fully Adjustable for Pant Waist 32” to 40”. Allows for Seasonal Clothing Changes

•  D-Rings Pre-Installed for Use with Suspension Systems

•  Hand-Specific Tool Holders Promote Maximum Working Rhythm on the Job

The most comfortable belt we make featuring our Green Builder™ leather framing bags. The Hunter Green bag leather is a softer, slightly lighter weight than our traditional leather framing bags, feels like they are already broken in! Corners are reinforced with our trademark Oxy Red™ Leather.

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