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Part Number: 9525XL UPC: 759244207507 Weight: 3.1


Occidental Leather 9525XL Specifications:

•  Pockets & Tool Holders : 25

•  Belt Sizes : XL

Fastener Bag Dimensions

•  Main Bag : 9.5" x 7.5"

•  Outer Bag : 9" x 6"

Tool Bag Dimensions

•  Main Tool Bag : 9.5" x 7.5"

•  Outer Bag : 6.5" x 5.5"

Four new products are featured in one super-lightweight compact package!

Occidental Leather 9525XL Features:

•  Innovative Round Bottom Full Capacity Tool Bags

•  Comes Stock with the 2003 - Oxy Tool Shield™.

•  Hand Specific™ Tool Holder Placement That Maximizes Working Rhythm

•  Function Engineered for Trim, Finish, and Light Framing Work

•  12-oz. Belting Leather with Steel Roller Buckle Combined with Padded Nylon 3" Workbelt for Comfort.

Just a hair's-breadth over 3 pounds unloaded! Compact bag design is ideal for trim, light framing and finish work. Innovative, round-bottom, full capacity, two-ply foam core main and outer bags hold their shape empty or loaded.

•  Left side fastener bag holsters a measuring square and features patented* Oxy Dual Bag™ outer bags providing multiple fastener capacity in a compact space.

•  Right side tool bag features holders for most commonly used tools (hammer, pencils, utility knife, chisels, pry bar, driver bits, etc.).

•  Each bag comes stock with the very best in protection for tools, bags, and body; the 2003 - Oxy Tool Shield™. Accepts knives, chisels, pliers, etc ... and clips onto any bag or even a pants pocket. Stock up on these!

•  And there's more, the 5020 - 2-in-1 Tool & Hammer Holder, twice the tool capacity in the belt space of one.

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