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Part Number: 49-36-6000 UPC: 045242187409 Weight: 0.75



• 7 inch diameter

• Includes Rubber Pad, Disc and Disc Nut

• 5/8-11 thread

• Phenolic Disc

The Phenolic Disc Assembly is an economical way to convert your Milwaukee Sander Grinder for Sanding operations. The Assembly includes a 48-80-6000 7 inch diameter Phenolic Disc, 5/8 - 11 threaded Disc Nut 49-40-0350 and Rubber Pad 49-36-3500. Order Sanding Disc separately depending on the material being sanded and the finish required. Can be used on all 6,000 RPM Milwaukee and competitive Sanders with a 5/8-11 Th spindle.

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