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Part Number: 48-40-4515 UPC: 045242134465 Weight: 0.915


Milwaukee 48-40-4515 Specifications:

•  Diameter: 8"

•  Teeth: 42

•  Arbor: 5/8"

•  Tooth Material: Cermet

•  Application: Ferrous Materials 3/32" and Thicker

Milwaukee 48-40-4515 Features:

•  Designed to cut a variety of ferrous materials including pipe, angle iron, steel studs and conduit

•  Vibration damping which reduces heat, sparks and noise for cleaner smoother, burr free cuts

•  Endurance blades offer faster cutting and extra long life for contractors

•  Hardened alloy steel body is used to ensure straight, accurate cuts

•  Specially engineered heat vents and expansions slots prevent blade distortion and increase blade life

•  Good quality blade that contractors can depend on, time and time again

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