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Part Number: 15710-001 UPC: 096764157111 Weight: 38


At first glance, the 8-foot MicroBurst fiberglass stepladder from Little Giant Ladder Systems looks like a traditional A-frame stepladder, but there is nothing traditional about it. The MicroBurst's unique Fold-Flat technology and patent-pending StableLock spreader system fundamentally change the standard stepladder model. As the top cap pivots, the MicroBurst's rails fit neatly inside each other, creating a slim, 3-1/2-Inch storage and carrying profile. The MicroBurst stores in nearly half the space and is more stable than a comparable Type IA (300 lbs) stepladder. The MicroBurst's StableLock spreader system locks securely in place, creating a solid A-frame structure with no room for shifting or walking. On typical A-frame stepladders, the spreader bars are the most important, yet weakest part of the ladder. On the MicroBurst, the spreader system is the strongest part of the ladder, constructed of a high-strength steel alloy. Also, unlike most A-frame stepladders, the MicroBurst's patent-pending design makes room for a wide flare on both sides of the ladder, significantly increasing lateral stability. It's easier to carry, store, and set-up; and it's stronger and safer than any other comparable A-frame ladder. The MicroBurst 15710-001, a Type IA (300 lbs) extra heavy duty rated stepladder, is constructed of a strong yet lightweight non-conductive fiberglass resin, making it safer to use in electrical applications.

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