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• (1) Meter Puller


• Reduces "Broken-Cover" injuries

• Helps protect operating personnel from exploding meters

• Decreased likelihood of shock contact with energized parts

• Meters do not have handles – the MeterPuller does

• Works with all known meters and sockets

• Decreased danger of cuts and damage to hands

• Great for AMR change-outs

Meter pullers make the job of removing and installing electric meters easier, faster and safer for utility personnel.  These products reduce the likelihood of "broken cover" injuries and help protect workers from exploding meters and electrical shock.  These meter pullers are designed for use with all known meters and sockets and are used by utility companies across North America. The housing is manufactured with lightweight, high strength polycarbonate with multiple venting holes on the chamber and the clips are made of sturdy chrome plated steel.  A solid hand barrier separates the operator from arcing or glass.

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