Discontinued Product Details
Part Number: WL300100 UPC:Weight: 0.43


Krylon WL30100 Specifications:

•  Color: White

•  Quantity: 12 , 10 ounce cartridges

Krylon WL30100 Features:

•  25 Year durability

•  Applies a smooth, professional bead without gaps or air bubbles

•  Cured caulk resists rust & mildew

•  Easy clean-up with water

•  Can be painted when thoroughly dry

•  Meets performance requirements of ASTM C-834 for extension recovery and adhesion

Painter's Preferred Acrylic Latex Caulk is an economical general purpose product suitable for multiple interior/exterior applications such as sealing and bonding joints around wood, glass, aluminum and other surfaces.

Recommended Uses: Seals cracks or joints between masonry, marble, granite, plastics, wood, glass, fiberglass, vinyl, and metal.

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