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Part Number: S-18H UPC: 092644674037 Weight: 2.95



• Completely adjustable strap wrench.

• Works in the tightest quarters.

• Urethane-covered, high-strength belting attached to lightweight, I-beam handle.

• Patented, cam-action design permits uniform, high-torque application.

• Under normal conditions, will not scratch, damage or deform polished pipe and fittings, plastic pipe and fittings, oil and water filters, glass pipe, PVC conduit, and polished shafts.

• Also works on alternator belts, flywheels, and propeller assemblies.

• Always wear approved eye protection.

• Do NOT push or hammer wrench.

• Do NOT extend handle length.

• Do NOT extend handle length.


• Handle Length: 18"

• Weight (lbs.): 2.95

• Diameter Capacity O.D.: 1-1/8" - 8"

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