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ITW Ramset Red Head RL510 Specifications:

•  Accuracy: ± 1/8" at 100'

•  Range: 1000'

•  Battery Life (Alkaline): 160 hours

•  Battery Life (Rechargeable): 40 hours

•  Self Leveling Range (Horizontal): ± 10°

•  Self Leveling Range (Vertical): ± 10°

•  Wall Mount: Integrated

•  Motorized Wall Mount: Integrated

•  Field Calibrateable: Yes

•  Chalk Line Mode: Yes

•  Scan Mode: Yes

•  Manual Slope Mode: Yes

•  Alkaline 'D' Battery Capable: Yes

•  Rechargeable NiCad Battery: Yes

•  Remote Control: Yes

ITW Ramset Red Head RL510 Includes:

•  Rotating Laser

•  Integrated Motorized Wall Mount

•  Rechargeable & Alkaline Battery Packs

•  Remote Control

•  Target Card

•  Laser Enhancing Glasses

•  Impact-resistant Carrying Case

ITW Ramset Red Head RL510 Features:

•  Integrated motorized wall mount adjustable by remote control

•  Built-in wall mount virtually eliminates setup

•  Automatic self leveling in both horizontal and vertical modes

•  Manual leveling mode for slopes or inclined planes

•  Choice of beams - Rotating, Scanning or Chalk Line

•  Easy field calibration

•  Longer life - 160 hours on two 'D' alkaline batteries, 40 hours on rechargeable NiCad (both battery options are included)

•  See the light - Laser target allows you to use in high ambient light applications

•  Hands Free - Remote allows you to adjust the laser from where you work

•  Applications include: installing suspended ceilings, soffits, stud & track layout and a variety of interior alignment tasks

The RL510 is a fully automatic rotating laser that can be used for leveling, vertical alignment, plumbing and squaring. It is self leveling in vertical and horizontal applications and fully controllable by the remote control. The laser is on automatic mode once it is turned on; it will pause for a few seconds to level itself then begin rotating. Once it is level, modes can be changed to suit your application. If the laser is moved it will pause while it levels itself again and then it will continue rotating.

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