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Part Number: K1250/14" ACTIVE UPC:Weight: 32


Husqvarna K1250/14" ACTIVE Specifications:

•  Power output: 7.8 HP

•  Cylinder Displacement: 7.3 cu. inch

•  Blade Diameter: 14"

•  Maximum Cutting Depth: 5"

•  Vibration Front Handle: 4.9 m/s²

•  Vibration Rear Handle: 6.3 m/s²

•  Sound Level: 102 dB(A)

•  Sound Power lever, LWA: 118 dB(A)

Husqvarna K1250/14" ACTIVE Features:

•  Robust new wet cutting kit, with low water usage.

•  The cutting arm is reversible which lets you cut closer to walls or the ground.

•  The drive belt has a fully sealed transmission. This keeps out cutting dust etc, reducing wear.

•  Sealed transmission reduces the wear and slippage risk.

•  Self-lubricating clutch bearings for extended work life.

•  Easy-adjust blade guard

•  Replaceable arbor bushing

When it comes to handheld gas-powered cutters for demanding jobs, with blades up to 14" and cutting depths up to 5", our largest model, the Husqvarna K1250, is in a class of its own. Despite a large and powerful engine, this brawny, full-size machine is surprisingly easy to operate. The Husqvarna K1250, with an impressive 7.8 hp output, is the market’s most powerful cutter, and can easily drive 14" blades.

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