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Part Number: 8690FSK UPC: 037103060105 Weight: 13


HK Porter 8690FSK Specifications:

•  Weight: 3 1/2 lbs.

•  Length: 27 1/2 in.

•  Handle Material: Formed Steel

•  Jaw Design: Ratchet Type

•  Cutting Blade: Shear Cut

HK Porter 8690FSK Includes:

•  (1) 27-1/2" Ratchet-type, Soft Cable Cutter, 2" Capacity

HK Porter 8690FSK Features:

•  Jaw keeper prevents jaws from spreading while under heavy load

•  Cuts copper and aluminum communications power cable up to 2"

•  Improved heavy duty jaw design

•  Built for tough conditions

•  Ratchet provides up to 5x's the mechanical advantage over manual cutters

•  Cuts all types of copper and aluminum cables up to 2500MCM

•  Replacement cutterhead: 8613FSK

•  NEVER use any H.K. Porter cutters on energized circuits, wire, or cable!

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