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Part Number: 53029 UPC: 672421530291 Weight: 33



• Optional add-on to the Gotcha Kit

• Enables the rescue of persons suspended from retractable fall arrest devices and using rope or wire

• Gotcha Kit should be attached to the Grabba

• Grabba slides down the rope or wire to the victim and then locks

• The Grabba grabs the wire or rope and a normal Gotcha Kit rescue can now be performed

The Guardian Fall Protection “Gotcha Rescue Kit” is a unique solution to a problem faced by all workers at height who use personal protective equipment for protection against falls. Whereas most rescue provision has focused on the more extreme activities carried out at height, the Gotcha Kit is designed for tradesmen who use common items of fall protection. In the event of a fall, their situation, if suspended in a harness, is just as serious as any other worker and a swift recovery is essential. The kit will work effectively with conscious or unconscious victims, the rescuer can carry out the rescue from a point of safety, the rescue can be carried out by a single person, no cutting is required and you can raise or lower the victim in a controlled manner to the nearest point of safety. The Gotcha Rescue Kit is designed for single person use, specifically for raising or lowering a single person. This product is suitable for rescue from lanyards and retractable lifelines and has a maximum working length of 490 feet.

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