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Part Number: 1000 UPC: 672421110004 Weight: 52



• Designed to allow for accurate and repeatable cuts at any angle

• Can be used for length side cuts for a starter course

• Two offset holes (one for metric and one for U.S. shingles)

• Crosscut guide adjusts a full 180 degrees for any angle

• Cuts face up or face down, and from either the top or bottom edge

Cut roof shingles easily and with precision thanks to the Qual-Craft “Shingle Shark Shingle Cutter”. You'll be able to make accurate and repeatable cuts at any angle, as well as lengthwise cuts for a starter row along the edge of the roof. This versatile machine cuts through a variety of different shingle materials, featuring an adjustable blade for optimum cutting action. With built-in safety features, a self-cleaning cutting arm, and sturdy construction, the Shingle Shark will make your roofing work faster.

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