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Part Number: 52020081 UPC: 783310126003 Weight: 4.5



• 5 Digit UPC: 12600

• Test Signal Output: 1/2 sine

• Amplitude (into 75 Ohm): 6 ns pulse 5V - 12 ns pulse 6V

• Pulse Widths: 6 and 12 ns

• Output Impedance: 75 Ohm

• Input Protection: 200V, DC + peak AC to a maximum of 440 Hz, 30 second duration

• Display Ranges: 8

• Gain: 0 - 63 db

• Filter: High pass, cutoff frequency 150 kHz, plus averaging

• Distance Measurements: Meters, feet, nanoseconds.

The TV90 is designed for ease-of-use. You'll spend less time operating the TDR and more time repairing faults. Simply select the cable type to be tested and the TV90 does the rest. Impedance, VP, gain, pulse width and vertical position are automatically selected and adjusted as you scan the cable. Just move the cursor to the fault to pinpoint its location.

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