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Part Number: 52057705 UPC: 783310018704 Weight: 20.8



• Easily cuts large diameter underground distribution, armored and communication cables.

• Scissor-style blades are easy to fit around cables and can pick up cables off the ground.

• Two handles provide good control and quick positioning for making cuts.
• 3/8" male screw-type hydraulic coupler.


• 5 Digit UPC: 01870
• Length: 20"

• Capacity: 4" diameter copper and aluminum power cables including soft steel armored, lead sheathed and communications cables.

• Maximum Operating Pressure: 10,000 psi (700 bar)

• Required Oil Volume: 8.6 in3

When you need to cut large diameter electrical cables, the new Greenlee SDK105 Remote Cable Cutter is up to the task. It cuts cables up to 4" in diameter, and the hardened blades are capable of cutting soft steel armored cables as well as lead sheathed cables. The SDK105 can be powered by any hydraulic pump capable of developing 10,000 psi (700 bar). It features scissor style blades designed to easily get around cables, and they will even pick up cables off of the ground. For a cutter that cuts such large cable the SDK105 is small and light. It is only 20" long and weighs only 17 lbs. It has two handles that provide good control for positioning the cutter on a cable, and if you are using the cutter on the ground, one handle serves as a stand to steady the tool.

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