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• (1) Precision tracing tone generator

• Trace wire or cable without interfering with digital two-way cable or ADSL services
• The high purity of the tracing tones combined with internal isolating filters allows safe tracing on circuits that carry digital services above the baseband (two-way cable and ADSL)
• The model 7780 Data Mate® Precision Tone Generator is intended to provide tone for tracing and troubleshooting communication circuits without disrupting digital traffic on the line or adjacent lines
• The high-power differential output of the 7780 makes tones easy to find, even over long distances
• Also useful for continuity testing and polarity testing, the 7780 provides the standard warble tone and talk battery supply
• High power tone output
• Line voltage and polarity indication
• High purity tone signal
• Low crosstalk
• Low battery indicator
• Filter-isolated circuitry
• Two-way broadband compatible
• Modular and Telco Pro Alligator leads
• ADSL service compatible
• Long range
• Popular, standard warble tone frequencies continuity testing
• Compatible with existing tone

• Output Power: +9dBm
• Output Signal Frequency: 877/982 Hz alternating 
• Output Impedence: 3,500 ohms minimum, 25kHz to 1.1 MHz 

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