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Part Number: 52034121 UPC: 783310125242 Weight: 7.91


Greenlee 843A Specifications:

•  Capacity: 1-1/4" EMT, 1" Rigid/IMC

Greenlee 843A Features:

•  Superior, patented Site-Rite sighting system featuring cast-in, readable markings on the bender heads and a finish that provides for the best visibility in low-light. This is a key feature for bending angles quickly and easily.

•  A choice of aluminum or iron alloy construction provides options depending on the user’s preference for feel and weight.

•  A strong, stable square hook design.

•  Greenlee Lifetime Limited Warranty

•  The aluminum and iron 1-1/4" bender heads both offer the power pedal feature with a larger foot area on the head for greater control, stability and leverage.

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