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Part Number: 52055997 UPC: 783310263753 Weight: 0.94



• (1) Tone Generator

• (1) Filter Probe

• (1) Case


• Can trace wire pairs or cables even in areas with high electrical noise levels.

• Very high performance together, still work with all older tracing equipment.

• Crystal-controlled digital signal processing (DSP) accuracy.

• Selectable digital probe filtering allows users to choose performance.

• Single button probe function control.

• Power hum melts away with the press of a button.

• Works with butt sets for improved audibility in loud locations.

• Selectable power output levels in generator permit tailoring to application.

• Two-line telephone service indication.

• Short circuit check.

• Tone generator offers modular plug, modular jack or alligator clip connection.

• Three selectable tone sending patterns.

• Auto-off battery saver function for probe (5-Minute) and generator (4-Hour).


• 5 Digit UPC: 26375

• 30-Decibel Input impedance 100M ohms

• Gain 35-Decibels power

• One 9-Volt battery, nominal life 50-Hour

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