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Part Number: 46070 UPC: 783310460701 Weight: 0.59


  • Designed for cable installers and communications technicians for testing four-pair data/voice cable links terminated with standard, modular eight-position RJ45-style jacks.
  • Simplest tester available for identifying common wiring faults such as shorts, opens and mis-wires.
  • Diagnosis can be completed at one end.
  • Sequentially-lighting LEDs correspond to each wire allowing easier diagnosis of miswires than testers that check pairs.
  • Can test more wiring configurations than other testers due to sequential wire map testing.
  • Shielded test ports allow extra versitility to test shielded and screened twisted pair.
  • Optional patch cords allow the Sure Signal to be used as a coax tester, eliminating the need for a second tester.
  • Optional remote unit can be used to check patch cords for wiring errors.
  • Battery Operated (9V not included).
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • (1) Remote

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