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Part Number: 52025221 UPC: 783310867876 Weight: 1.1


• (1) Irrigation Tester Kit

• Chatter mode for locating of valves
• Activate any 24V AC valve solenoid
• Tests solenoids for continuity
• Sends tones to identify wires
• Checks clock AC voltage
• Low battery indication
• Easy to understand LEDs
• Test leads with 'bed of nails' and piercing pin clips
• Tracing valve wiring
• Locates underground solenoids

• Minimum Voltage for Clock LED: 15V AC
• Minimum Battery While Testing: 10.5V DC
• Maximum Input Voltage Between Test Leads: 28V AC
• Solenoid Activate Output Voltage: 27 to 18V AC
• Battery: 2 9V Alkaline Batteries

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