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Part Number: 50069233 UPC: 783310069232 Weight: 0.61


Greenlee 06923 Specifications:

• Cuts holes from 2-1/2" to 7"

• Fits drill chuck 3/8"

Greenlee 06923 Features:

• Quickest, most effective and affordable way to cut perfect holes in drywall and ceiling tile

• Included dust shield eliminates flying dust and debris

• Cuts clean and precise holes that ensure no light leakage or poor-fitting installations

• Self-sharpening, carbide-sprayed cutting tips can cut dozens of holes in the roughest of materials and remain sharp

• Stabilizer spring balances cutting forces and provides additional control of the tool while working with drywall

• Dedicated arbor and pilot drill eliminates cumbersome changeover time

• Fits a 3/8" drill chuck and can be used with a cordless drill

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