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Part Number: WIC-100 UPC: 032076918682 Weight: 2.95



• (1) Camera

• (1)Mirror Attachment

• (1) Hook Attachment

• (1) Magnet attachment


• Creates its own Wi-Fi signal to connect to user’s smart-phone or tablet using the free application available for IOS™ or Android™ devices – NO INTERNET NEEDED!

• Water-Proof (IP67 tested) 3 ft flexible camera shaft is non-conductive up to 500 volts

• Capture live full color video and/or E-mail video or pictures directly from app

• Lens mounted LEDs with adjustable brightness

• Transmits data to devices up to 30ft from unit

• Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

See behind walls, through pipes, and into ductwork to inspect wiring, appliances, and infrastructure in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective manner possible with the Gardner Bender Wi-Fi Inspection Camera. Designed for professional jobsites as well as work around the house this tool assists the user with almost any application - plumbing, electrical, remodeling, construction, automotive, HVAC - requiring the inspection of hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas. Device features a non-conductive (up to 500 volts) 3ft flexible tube with a dustproof/waterproof –IP67 tested 9mm camera and adjustable LED lighting at the tip allowing the user to view into spaces they cannot reach due to structural obstructions (like the inside of a wall or above a ceiling). The device creates and utilizes its own private Wi-Fi network — no need for a modem or internet connection — to transmit images from the camera to any iOS™ or Android™ enabled smart device via a free downloadable app. The resulting images are projected in full color and can be captured as still images or video for sending to other devices, co-workers, or professionals via email. Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) so you never need to wait to recharge or figure out how to dispose of and/or replace expensive lithium ion batteries. Package includes: Camera and three tip accessories - Mirror, Hook and Magnet.

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