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Part Number: CP10K UPC: 032076076566 Weight: 385


Gardner Bender Specifications:

•  Motor: 1.7 HP

•  Pulling Capacity: 10,000 lbs

•  Folds to: 61" L x 28" W x 39" H

Gardner Bender Features:

•  1 Person Set up, 1. Pump main boom to 30?. 2. Align with conduit properly adjust booms. 3. Flip booms into position and lock. 4. Place in Conduit

•  Non-reversing planetary gears capstan will not reverse and allow pulled cable to return

•  Motor and Gearing is designed specifically for heavy-duty cable pulling application.

•  Motor provides consistently strong pulling power at less amperage, which adds durability and a steady pull speed.

•  5 conduit adapters 2" - 4" adapters stored conveniently onboard, doesn't need to be fastened to conduit.

•  Extended Boom allots 12' of cable to be pulled from the conduit to the capstan

•  Quick tool less angle adjustment spring loaded pin reduces risk of loss

•  Adjust up to 300?

•  Easily change pulling directions

•  Only requires one person

•  Doesn't require disassembly

•  Speeds up and simplifies set up

•  Safer for the user

•  Swiveling casters allows it to move easily on dirt or gravel.

•  No Tools Required

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