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Part Number: LU91R010 UPC:Weight: 1.6


Technical Details

* 5/8-inch arbor

* Perma-SHIELD-S coating

* 5-degree negative hook

* Ideal working range: 1/2- to 2-3/4 inches

* Use with Hitachi C8FB, Makita LS111, radial-arm saws

This industrial 10-inch, 60-tooth sliding miter crosscut blade provides a superior finish cut with slide and nonsliding compound miter saws. A 5-degree negative hook prevents the blade from being too aggressive and helps push the workpiece down and towards the fence. The Perma-SHIELD coating helps make these blades resistant to friction and heat buildup. Ideal working range is from 1/2 to 2-3/4 inches thick. Use this blade with the Hitachi C8FB, Makita LS1011, and radial-arm saws for reduced climbing while crosscutting softwood, hardwood, or moldings.

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