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Part Number: 990 UPC:Weight: 2


Fibre-Metal 990 Specifications:

•  24 square inches of unobstructed viewing area with Flash Barrier

Fibre-Metal 990 Includes:

•  (1) Thermo Plastic Welding Helmet -Tigerhood 24" viewing area

Fibre-Metal 990 Features:

•  TIGERHOOD® Classic contains the features that make lightweight thermoplastic

welding helmets popular with today's welders. What makes it stand out

is its performance and comfort enhancing extras that help welders produce more

with fewer injuries. Molded from NORYL, job proven superior in welding related performance characteristics, TIGERHOOD® Classic is the workhorse of thermoplastic helmets. It maintains its high performance level

across a wide spectrum of welding processes and working conditions.

•  TIGERHOOD® Classic has a high welder satisfaction rating because it helps welders do their job better. When welders do their job better - you gain a productivity edge.


provides extended throat protection while blocking fumes and smoke from the face. Size and shape allows air to circulate, to help clear any smoke and fumes that seep in. Air circulation also evaporates perspiration in the perforated sweatband for a cooling effect. (If hazardous fumes are present,

appropriate respirators must be worn.)

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