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Part Number: 488292 UPC: 4014549066553 Weight: 1.397



• Provides dust extraction on top and bottom of router table

• Includes Y-adapter for single connection to Festool CT Dust Extractor

• Compatible with Festool CMS Router Table

The CMS Dust Extraction Hose Set offers a single solution for dust extraction from the fence and bottom side of the CMS Router Table. It's made up of a Y-splitter that connects to your Festool CT Dust Extractor and has a 79" (2m) hose to connect to the router underneath the router table with a 27mm fitting and a 39-1/2" (1m) hose with a 36mm fitting for the router table fence. The Dust Extraction Hose Set is included in the Set Version of the CMS GE or CMS VL, or can be purchased separately. The CMS Dust Extraction Hose Set is not compatible with the CT MINI or CT MIDI Dust Extractors.

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