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Part Number: DT027 UPC:Weight: 1



• (1) Bit


• Unique concave carbide tip design, accelerates drilling speed, reduces wear and supports dust removal.

• Most rigid joints through copper-silver brazing. Carbide is totally embedded in both sides of the steel body. Super tough TWINMAX™ flute. Fastest and most efficient dust removal. Annealed, shotpeened chrome, nickel, molybdenum steel to prevent premature fatigue failures.

• Industrial finish

• Bit diameters meet ANSI standard


• Bit Diameter: 3/8"

• Total Length: 8"

• Usable Length: 4"

SDS-Plus hammers with the ideal drilling range of 5/32” to 1/2” in diameter and SDS-Max hammers with the ideal drilling range of 1” to 2” diameter leave a gap from 1/2” to 1”. The new SDS-Top hammer generation fills this void.

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