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Part Number: DW079KD UPC: 028877590783 Weight: 21.38


Dewalt DW079KD Specifications:

• Power Supply: 9.6V-18V Dewalt Batteries

• Accuracy per 100 ft.: 1/8"

• Rotation Speed: 0, 60, 200, 600 RPM

• Self-Leveling Range: ±5°

• Indoor Visibility Range: 200' (dia)

• Range with Detector: 2000' (dia)

• Laser Class: IIIa (<5mW) @ 635nm

• Tool Weight: 6.5 lbs.

Dewalt DW079KD Includes:

• 1 hour charger

• 18V battery

• Digital laser detector

• Wall mount

• Wireless (IR) remote control

• Laser target card

• Laser enhancement glasses

• Heavy-duty kit box (with padded interior)

Dewalt DW079KD Features:

• Fully automatic horizontal and vertical self leveling with out-of-level shutoff eliminates user error, ensures accuracy, and reduces set up time

• Private mode option eliminates remote control interference between multiple rotary lasers on the jobsite

• A manual single sloping mode allows the user to set grade ±5°

• Multi-voltage adapter accepts all DeWalt batteries 9.6V - 18V

• Protected rotary head and weatherproof design deliver interior and exterior jobsite durability

• Bright, sharp, high power beam delivers maximum visibility, even over long distances

• Remote control operated scan mode creates a "laser chalkline" between two points for an extremely bright beam over long distances

• Wireless (IR) remote control operation so that one person can setup and aim the laser over long distances

• Digital laser detector detects rotary laser beam over long distances or in bright light conditions

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