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Part Number: DCHJ060B-S UPC: 885911327626 Weight: 3.2


2014 Model


• DCB091 USB Power Source

• (1) DCHJ060


• 20V MAX* and 12V MAX* Batteries can provide hours of core body warmth and continuous heat

• Durable water and wind resistant outer shell.

• 4 Core heating zones; upper left and right chest, mid-back, and collar.

• LED controller offers 3 temperature settings (high, medium, low) with pre-heat function

• USB Power Source accepts all DEWALT 20V MAX* and 12V MAX* batteries, includes battery fuel gauge, and 2 USB power ports for charging portable electronics.

• Battery pocket expands to accept 20V MAX* XR Li-Ion batteries which provide up to XX hours of runtime.

• USB Power Source Extension - allows user to place battery and power source in back or front pockets

• More Robust Metal Zipper for 2014 lineup

• Re-enforced stitching on cuffs

• added wind guard blocks wind through zipper

• Adjustable Waistline and Sleeve Cuffs


• Size: Small

• Gender: Male

• Outer Shell: 100% Soft Shell Polyester

• Color: Black

• Pockets: L&R Waistline, L&R Upper Chest and Cell Phone

• Hood: No

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