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• Fast Solutions to Time and Calendar Math

• Schedule, Plan and Forecast

• Time/Date Measurements, Conversions

• Using Built-In Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm

Dedicated Functions

• Multiple entry formats for time or date measurement and conversion in Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes or Seconds; Hours:Minutes:Seconds (h:m:s), Workweeks and Workdays; Add Days (+1, +2, +3) and find decimal equivalents.

• AM/PM or 24 hour (military) time formats.

• Multiple Week/Day/Date Modes. Works with any calendar or planning format.

• Built-in Stopwatch and Timer with Alarm; count-down or count-up plus ‘Split/Lap’ function with optional ‘Buzzer’.

• Easy-to-use Begin/End/Duration keys for elapsed time solutions.

• Pro Rate dollar amounts.

• Rate function for time-based billing and estimates.

• Store holidays or selected dates


• Easy-to-Follow User's Guide

• Long-Life Battery (One CR-2032)

• Armadillo Gear® Protective Hard Case

• Full One-Year Limited Warranty

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