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Operating Modes

• Stand Alone Operation

Measure and display line lengths, areas, perimeters, volume, wall areas, arc lengths, radius and diameter without the use of a PC.

• PC Input Mode

Send displayed values to your spreadsheets and estimating software programs via supplied USB cable (no special USB driver software needed).

• Digitizer (x,y) Coordinate Entry

Send coordinates to graphic digitizing software like our Smart Takeoff! program.

Measuring Shapes

• Simple or Complex Polygons - Measure all polygon points and automatically find area, line lengths, perimeter and volume.

• Polylines - Measure two or more points and automatically get segment length, total length and wall area.

• Irregular Shapes - Measure all points on the curved shape and automatically find area, perimeter and volume.

• Arcs - Measuring the starting point, high point and finishing point of the arc and automatically get area, perimeter, arc length, volume, and wall area.

• Circles - Select any three point on the circle and automatically get area, perimeter, volume, radius and diameter.


• Measuring Device (Puck)

• 4-AAA batteries

• Reflector Bars

• USB Cable

• Quick Setup Sheet

• Quick Reference Guide

• Fully Illustrated User’s Guide

• Smart Material Estimator

Spreadsheet Software for Excel

• 30-Day Trial - Smart Takeoff!

Graphic Digitizing Software

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